A Huge Blow: Dolphins CB Jalen Ramsey (knee) to undergo surgery, expected to miss at least 6-8 weeks

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey Gone for 6-8 weeks?

In a shocking turn of events, the Miami Dolphins have been dealt a significant blow ahead of the upcoming NFL season. Star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is set to miss a substantial amount of time due to a meniscus injury that he sustained during a practice session. The injury is expected to require surgery, and the Dolphins will have to cope without one of their key offseason acquisitions for an extended period. In this article, we delve into the details of Ramsey’s injury, the potential impact on the team, and the road to recovery.

Jalen Ramsey


The Meniscus Injury and Surgery

Jalen Ramsey sustained an injury to the meniscus in his left knee while participating in a normal practise session. Even though the entire extent of the injury has not yet been determined, the preliminary diagnosis indicates that he will most likely require surgery in order to remedy the situation. The story was broken by Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo, both of whom are insiders for NFL Network. The news has left Dolphins supporters apprehensive about the return of their top player.

Jalen Ramsey

The Road to Recovery

Jalen Ramsey’s scheduled surgery is set to take place on Friday, as reported by NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe. The extent of the injury will be closely examined during the procedure, and doctors will make decisions about the appropriate course of action. If the damage is not severe, a meniscus trim might suffice, potentially allowing Ramsey to return to the field in as little as six weeks. However, a full meniscus repair could lengthen his recovery time, pushing his return date closer to December.

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey’s Optimistic Outlook

Despite the setback, Jalen Ramsey maintains a positive outlook. He took to social media to reassure fans that he will come back stronger than ever in due time. He expressed confidence in his teammates, believing they will hold the fort until he is ready to rejoin the action.

Jalen Ramsey

Past Experience with Meniscus Surgery

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time Ramsey has dealt with an injury to his meniscus. In 2016, he was a rookie and had to undergo an operation on his right knee that was very identical to the one he had in the past. Fortunately, he bounced back from his injury quickly and was able to resume playing within a span of six weeks. Undoubtedly, Ramsey and the Dolphins are keeping their fingers crossed for the same result this time around.

Jalen Ramsey

Impact on the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins would suffer a big blow if they were unable to count on the services of Jalen Ramsey during the regular season. They strengthened their secondary by acquiring Ramsey from the Los Angeles Rams, which is considered to be one of their most notable offseason moves. Together with cornerback Xavien Howard, it was anticipated that the two would make a powerful defensive unit. Considering that Ramsey won’t be available, the squad will have to look into other potential solutions.

Jalen Ramsey

Potential Replacements

The Dolphins will attempt to find someone who can replace the vacuum left by Ramsey’s absence while he is recovering from his injury. Kader Kohou, a cornerback for the team who played as a starter in his debut year and earned great experience as a result, is a prime contender to step up. In addition, the team has the option of using their second-round pick from 2023, Cam Smith from South Carolina. Smith, who will have the chance to demonstrate his abilities during the preseason games, can be used by the team.

Jalen Ramsey


Because of the injury to Jalen Ramsey’s meniscus, the Miami Dolphins are about to enter a phase that will be difficult for them. The team’s performance during the upcoming NFL season may be significantly hindered as a result of the cornerback’s anticipated absence from the competition. The Dolphins, on the other hand, continue to harbour optimism over the possibility of a victorious comeback because to Ramsey’s dogged persistence and the support of his teammates.


  1. How long will Jalen Ramsey be out of action? The exact duration of Ramsey’s absence will depend on the severity of the injury and the surgical procedure. It could be as short as six weeks or extend until December.
  2. What happens if the meniscus is fully repaired? If Ramsey undergoes a full meniscus repair, his recovery timeline will likely be longer, potentially keeping him off the field until December.
  3. Who will replace Ramsey during his absence? CB Kader Kohou and 2023 second-round pick Cam Smith are the top contenders to step in for Ramsey during his recovery.
  4. Has Ramsey faced a similar injury in the past? Yes, Ramsey underwent meniscus surgery on his right knee during his rookie season in 2016 and made a swift recovery.
  5. What were the Dolphins’ expectations with Ramsey’s arrival? The Dolphins anticipated that Ramsey, alongside Xavien Howard, would form a formidable defensive duo, bolstering the team’s secondary.





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