Community Shield 2023: Kickoff Time Moved to Avoid Boycott from Man City and Arsenal Fans

The Community Shield 2023, the highly anticipated curtain-raiser for the English domestic football season, has been at the center of attention due to significant development. To ensure a vibrant and well-attended event, the Football Association (FA) has made a crucial decision regarding the kickoff time. The FA has taken proactive steps to address the concerns raised by Manchester City and Arsenal fans, shifting the kickoff time forward from 5:30 pm to 4 pm. This strategic move aims to avoid a potential boycott and allow both sets of passionate supporters to participate fully in the spectacle.

The Significance of the Community Shield 2023

The Community Shield holds great importance in English football as it marks the official beginning of the domestic season. It brings together the Premier League champions and the FA Cup winners, giving them an opportunity to display their talents and set the tone for the upcoming campaign. The upcoming Community Shield 2023/24 has generated even more anticipation and excitement, as it features a highly anticipated clash between two giants of English football, Manchester City and Arsenal. This match is expected to ignite the passion of fans nationwide.

Dissatisfaction Among Manchester City and Arsenal Fans

The original kickoff time of 5:30 pm drew strong criticism and discontent from loyal Manchester City and Arsenal supporters. The prospect of attending a Sunday evening match at Wembley caused frustration, as it presented significant travel challenges and logistical difficulties. Fans voiced their concerns, highlighting the impact of inconvenient scheduling on their ability to attend the Community Shield 2023 and fully support their beloved teams.

The FA’s Response and the Revised Kickoff Time

In response to the concerns expressed by the fans, the FA swiftly acknowledged the importance of their participation and enjoyment in the Community Shield 2023. The decision to move the kickoff time to 4 pm reflects the FA’s commitment to ensure a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for supporters. This revised schedule not only addresses the travel challenges faced by Manchester City and Arsenal fans but also demonstrates the FA’s dedication to valuing their input and prioritizing their matchday experience.

In an official statement, the FA emphasized the thorough consultation process involved in making this decision: “The 2023 Community Shield between Manchester City and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium will now kick off at 16:00 BST on Sunday 6 August. The decision to move the kickoff time was taken following the full consideration of the transport challenges for fans returning to Manchester after the Community Shield 2023 match.” This proactive approach by the FA showcases their commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive footballing environment.

Fan Reactions and the Role of Fan Groups

Throughout the controversy, various fan groups have played a pivotal role in amplifying the concerns of the supporters. One such group, 1894, representing Manchester City fans, raised their voice against the initial kickoff time. They issued a statement urging fellow fans to join them in boycotting the Community Shield 2023 match against Arsenal, citing the significant travel challenges faced by supporters from Manchester.

The group intends to send a resounding message to the FA and the broadcasters about the impact of scheduling decisions on fans. Through collective abstention from attending the fixture, they hope to demonstrate their discontent and advocate for fairer game times in the future. In a display of unity, they encourage fans who are capable of doing so to either make a £10 donation or contribute an amount equivalent to a match ticket to MCFC Foodbank or another local charity.

The Football Supporters Association (FSA) has also been actively involved in addressing the concerns of fans. Their primary goal is to represent the interests of football supporters and ensure that their voices are heard. The FSA expressed their understanding of the frustration experienced by Manchester City fans due to the inconvenient scheduling of the Community Shield 2023 match.


The rescheduling of the kickoff time for the Community Shield 2023 reflects the FA’s commitment to addressing the concerns of fans and enhancing their overall experience. By making this change, the FA aims to ensure that both Manchester City and Arsenal supporters can attend the match without facing significant obstacles.

Despite the initial calls for boycotts, the revised schedule acknowledges the impact of inconvenient timings on fans and seeks to create a more favorable environment for an enjoyable fan experience. The Community Shield 2023 remains a prestigious event that unites champions and cup winners, setting the stage for an exciting start to the new domestic season.


  1. Why was the kickoff time of the Community Shield 2023 changed? The kickoff time was changed to 4 pm to avoid a potential boycott from Manchester City and Arsenal fans who expressed dissatisfaction with the original schedule.
  2. What is the significance of the Community Shield? The Community Shield holds immense importance as it marks the official start of the English domestic football season. It showcases the champions of the Premier League and the winners of the FA Cup.
  3. How did fan groups respond to the initial kickoff time? Fan groups, including Manchester City’s 1894 group, expressed their displeasure and called for a boycott of the Community Shield 2023 match against Arsenal. They aimed to raise awareness about the impact of inconvenient scheduling on fans.
  4. What role does the Football Supporters Association (FSA) play? The FSA represents the interests of football fans and strives to ensure their concerns are heard. They play a crucial role in addressing fan issues and advocating for positive changes within the football community.
  5. What does the revised kickoff time mean for fans? The revised kickoff time aims to address the transportation challenges faced by fans returning to Manchester after the Community Shield 2023 match. It allows supporters to attend the game without significant difficulties, ensuring a more enjoyable fan experience.

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