BURNA BOY SHARES A DEEP MESSAGE:- “When people don’t like you, they’ll ride with those against you”



Burna Boy, the Grammy award-winning singer, recently shared a profound message that delves into the behaviour of individuals. Despite his ongoing success and captivating performances, Burna Boy took a moment to contemplate life and shed light on how people tend to associate themselves with those who oppose you when they harbour dislike towards you. In this article, we will delve into Burna Boy’s reflections and gain insight into his perspective on this intricate dynamic.

Behavior of People

He astutely observed that individuals who possess animosity towards you will not hesitate to align themselves with anyone who stands against you. Even if they personally hold no fondness for these adversaries, they share a common objective—to bring you down. This intriguing behaviour invites contemplation and underscores the intricacies inherent in human relationships. Often, individuals allow their emotions and biases to interfere with their choices and alliances, blurring the lines between genuine disagreement and personal vendettas.


Life as a Game

Several months ago, Burna Boy took to his Instagram stories to question the significance of various aspects of life and ponder whether anything truly matters. He expressed a sentiment akin to perceiving existence as akin to living within a video game or a computer simulation. This thought-provoking perspective encourages us to reflect on the nature of our reality and the importance we ascribe to different elements of our lives. His contemplation raises profound questions about the validity and purpose of our experiences, prompting us to assess the foundations upon which we build our lives.

Burna Boy’s Journey

In the previous year, Burna Boy courageously revealed the trials and tribulations he endured prior to his emergence in the Nigerian music industry. He emphasized that his primary concern does not revolve around securing the title of the most prominent Nigerian artist. Instead, he finds solace and happiness in pursuing his passion and ensuring the well-being of those close to him.

Burna Boy acknowledged that many individuals would hold greater happiness for his achievements if they were aware of the adversities he overcame and the risks he undertook to earn a living. His journey began from a place of struggle, transitioning from Chelmsford prison in the UK directly into the music industry. His resilience and determination, even in the face of daunting circumstances, serve as a testament to his unwavering spirit.


His introspective reflections on human behaviour and his unique perspective on life serve as an invitation for deep contemplation. It is essential to remember that we cannot always control how others perceive us or the choices they make. However, we retain the power to remain true to ourselves and navigate our own paths, regardless of external opinions and influences. His message encourages individuals to find strength and authenticity within themselves and embrace the journey they embark upon, despite the challenges and opposition they may encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Burna Boy won a Grammy? Yes, he has been recognized with a Grammy award for his outstanding contributions to the music industry.

2. What were Burna Boy’s reflections on life? Burna Boy contemplated the significance of various aspects of life, questioning whether anything truly matters and likening existence to a video game or computer simulation.

3. What did Burna Boy share about his journey? Burna Boy candidly shared the hardships he faced before making his mark in the Nigerian music industry. He emphasized his commitment to pursuing his passion and providing for his loved ones.

4. How does Burna Boy perceive people’s behavior? Burna Boy keenly observed that individuals who harbor dislike towards you may align themselves with those who oppose you, even if they themselves hold no genuine fondness for these adversaries.

5. What is the key takeaway from Burna Boy’s message? Burna Boy’s message encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves, remain resilient in the face of adversity, and navigate their own paths despite the opinions and opposition they may encounter.

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